A Close Call: The Live Coach Wearable

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Gear up for literally game-changing wearable tech in sports, Geeks! In a groundbreaking partnership announced today, KORE, (a global leader in Internet of Things solutions), and GoRout are introducing rugged wearable devices that provide real-time access to crucial information for coaches and players, transforming on-field communication across sports leagues, from Little League to the NFL.

What is GoRout?

GoRout’s innovative in-game and practice platforms enable instant communication between coaches and players, empowering teams to receive play calls and pitches directly on their smartwatch devices. With data collected during practice, coaches can optimize their team’s performance on game day.

Reliable Connectivity for Athletes on the Go

With over 2,000 devices launched to date, GoRout’s devices, powered by KORE’s Super SIM®, offer reliable connectivity that travels with teams across the country for games, ensuring uninterrupted access to crucial data and strategies. KORE’s President and CEO, Romil Bahl, emphasizes the transformative impact of IoT in athletics, revolutionizing the way players train and perform, from tee-ball to the major leagues.

Maximizing Performance Through Technology

GoRout CEO and Co-Founder Mike Rolih highlights the mission to maximize players’ and coaches’ time and performance through reliable connectivity, fostering collaboration and confidence on the field. Geeks, it’s time to elevate your game with GoRout’s cutting-edge wearable technology where on-field communication is now seamless. Get ready to maximize your team’s performance this spring sports season!

For more info you can visit gorout.com and korewireless.com.

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Source: PRNewswire