AIMing To Impress

Revolutionary Nails

Prepare to be awestruck as we delve into the captivating world of AIM Collars, led by the visionary Dr. Ali Uta. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Uta, the co-founder and CEO of AIM Collars, unveiled a groundbreaking innovation that is poised to redefine the way we approach nail art – color-changing press on nails that you can control with your phone. Buckle up as we take you through this revolutionary concept that blends technology, style, and sustainability seamlessly.

Imagine a world where your nails transform into vibrant canvases at the touch of a button. With AIM Collars’ ingenious creation, that future is now! Applying these press on nails is as easy as regular press ons, but the magic unfolds when you unleash your creativity through a mobile app. Choose from an array of colors and designs that speak to your individuality. Then, with a mere 15-second proximity to your phone, watch in awe as the color or design seamlessly transfers onto your nails.

This innovation didn’t sprout from thin air. Dr. Uta, with her background in chemistry, sought compounds that could adapt under pressure. What emerged is a blend of electronics and fashion that empowers wearers to express themselves boldly. Driven by a passion for both science and cosmetics, Dr. Uta and her co-founder harnessed their STEM knowledge to craft an innovation that makes you look and feel good.

The marvels of AIM Collars’ press on nails extend beyond aesthetics. Bid farewell to the tedious process of painting your nails and the harmful effects of solvents. These press ons are a time-saver, a skin-saver, and an Earth-saver. Reusable for up to a year, they’re a sustainable alternative that significantly reduces waste and environmental impact.

Eager to be a part of this revolutionary journey? Join the waitlist at, and be among the first hundred to experience this transformative innovation. With a launch slated for next year’s Christmas season, AIM Collars is undoubtedly set to make waves in the beauty industry.

In a world where technology meets elegance, AIM Collars has beautifully merged the realms of science and style. Prepare to be charmed by the future of nail art – a future that’s equal parts innovative, sustainable, and empowering.