Bitten By Sharks! NY Tech Day 2024

Hey Geeks! If you ever dreamed of showcasing a wearable tech or other tech idea of your own on Shark Tank, NYTechDay Expo was the place to be! The popular TV show held an open casting call this past Friday, May 10, 2024, at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. This was the first time since 2019 that Shark Tank hosted a casting call in NYC, offering an unparalleled opportunity for innovators to pitch their ideas to the famous Sharks.

What Is NYTechDay Expo?

TechDay Expo, produced by TechDay, is the nation’s biggest startup event, bringing together over 10,000 startups and connecting them with more than 250,000 investors, engineers, and key players in the tech ecosystem. The event is a goldmine for tech enthusiasts, founders, and investors alike, showcasing the latest in innovation and providing a platform for networking and growth. For everyday consumers with bright ideas, TechDay Expo is transformative. It provides a unique opportunity to present innovative wearable tech to a highly curated audience of investors and industry experts.

In Case You Missed IT: TechDay’s Founders Summits

There’s good news Geeks, if you missed the Expo: TechDay is also hosting several Founders Summits throughout 2024. These events are tailored for early-stage founders to connect with peers and experts. Covering areas like AI and climate tech, these summits offered targeted insights and networking opportunities at Civic Hall in lower Manhattan. They are designed to help founders at the earliest stages of their journey. The schedule is as follows:

*Tuesday, June 11 — The AI Founders Summit for founders and co-founders in the AI space, at Civic Hall.

*Tuesday, September 24 — The Climate Tech Founders Summit for founders and co-founders in the climate tech space, at Civic Hall.

*CORRECTION as of 05.16.24: Founders Summit events have been postponed to this Fall (dates TBD) 

Founders and co-founders are invited to apply to any or all of the 2024 TechDay Founders Summits. Spaces are limited to 175 founders:

Catch Highlights

For over a decade, TechDay has been a beacon for startup founders, offering unparalleled networking opportunities and access to essential resources. Stay tuned this Thursday for highlights of the event, including video insight from Walter Charnizon, President of TechDay, and on how to get ready for NYTechDay 2025. Next week we’ve got exclusive interviews with founders showcasing new wearable tech innovation!

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