Countdown To CES 2024: ‘Wear’Will Tech Take Us?

Ah, CES, the Consumer Electronics Show – where tech geeks and gadget gurus unite for a pilgrimage to witness the latest and greatest in the world of wearable tech. It’s like a Disneyland for geeks, and my team and I are always proud to be among them!

The Quest Continues

For 5 years we’ve been descending to Las Vegas in January to find ourselves amidst a sea of screens, drones, and smart fridges, but with only one mission – to unearth the wearable tech nobody’s talking about – but should – in addition to the latest and greatest wearable tech CES has to offer.

AI (Because We Can)

First up, AI! It’s inevitable that we’ll catch more of AI-integrated wearables. The field has exploded in 2023 and claimed to still be in its infancy. Imagine  foot warmers come with built-in temperature sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and an app that tells you when your feet need a pick-me-up. I couldn’t help but laugh – who knew our tootsies needed an AI upgrade?

Self-Drying Smart Glasses 

You’ve heard of smart glasses that aid your sight, but have you heard of smart glasses that can predict what you should do or be at any given moment? CES  already introduced me to ORCAM that aids the visually impaired with text-to-speech reading, so I can only imagine the guess work AI will otherwise erase when configuring that in say, multiple languages?

The “Smart” Belt

Let’s not forget the “smart” belt, by WELT. It monitors your waistline, offers posture correction, and even nudges you when it’s time to hit the salad bar instead of the burger joint. If only it could also do my laundry, I’d have found the perfect life companion. Will it meet with AI and give us a more profound assessment?

Ringing In For The New Year

I’m especially excited about smart rings. Ever dreamed of a smart ring that follows your hand gestures – like in sign language? To see it emerge with AI – but this time to perfect my swimming stroke? Leaving everyone at the local pool baffled, jealous, or just plain awestruck.

The Ultimate Tech Fashion Show

CES wasn’t just about gadgets; it was a tech fashion show, with attendees sporting everything from LED light-up shoes to eyeglasses with built-in AR displays. It was like stepping into a sci-fi movie set, and I was here for it!

Conclusion: CES, Where Tech Gets Worn Out (In The Best Way!)

So, my friends, if you ever get the chance to attend CES, grab it with both hands. It’s not just about cutting-edge tech; it’s a carnival of creativity, innovation, and a dash of pure, unadulterated wonder. Wearable tech hunting has never been this much fun, and I can’t wait to see what CES 2024 has in store for us – maybe a wearable gadget that predicts what I should be wearing for my athletic body type or perhaps offers a shoe solution for my awkward walk? Until then, I’ll keep searching for more until I’m worn out – is it even possible?