Dress to Invest: Wearable Tech Stocks To Watch In 2024

As we stride further into 2024, the top wearable tech stocks, according to altindex.com, that are reflecting the dynamic growth and innovation within the sector, are:

  1. Axon Enterprise (AXON): Known for its law enforcement and public safety technologies, Axon has expanded into wearable tech with body cameras and connected devices, indicating a broader application of wearable technologies for professional use.
  2. Vuzix Corporation (VUZI): Specializing in augmented reality (AR) glasses for consumer, enterprise, and industrial markets, Vuzix demonstrates the growing demand for AR applications in various sectors.
  3. Koss (KOSS): A company with a long history in audio products, moving into the wearable space with headphones and other personal audio solutions, indicating a focus on high-quality sound in wearable formats.
  4. Gen Digital (GEN): While not traditionally associated with wearable tech, its inclusion suggests a broadening of the sector to include companies with significant investments in technologies that enhance personal security and digital safety, possibly through wearable devices.
  5. Sonos (SONO): Known for its smart speakers, Sonos’ expansion into wearable tech could reflect an interest in personal audio experiences, leveraging its expertise in sound quality and wireless technology.

These companies show a diverse range of focuses within the wearable technology sector, from AR and personal audio to security and public safety, highlighting the sector’s expansion beyond fitness and health tracking into broader applications​. Stay tuned; the future is wearable​​!