Easy On The Eyes: Introducing The World’s First Smart Eyewear

Spring is the season of beginnings, Geeks! And in the spirit of new beginnings, two of the season’s leading names in eyewear: Eddie Bauer and Innovative Eyewear, Inc. (NASDAQ: LUCY; LUCYW), renowned for their development of smart eyewear under the Lucyd®, Nautica®, Eddie Bauer®, and Reebok® brands, are excited to announce the launch of the Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear collection. This groundbreaking new line not only offers voice access to ChatGPT but also introduces the world’s first rimless smart eyewear design, setting a new standard in the fusion of technology and style.

Blossoming Benefits: Everyday Enhancements with Smart Glasses

Envision a day filled with adventure and exploration, yet free from the hassle of carrying multiple gadgets. The Eddie Bauer Smart Eyewear can be your ideal companion. Featuring polarized lenses for unmatched clarity in outdoor settings and equipped with top-notch quadrasonic speakers for music and calls, these glasses redefine connectivity. With Bluetooth capabilities extending up to 100 feet and a 12-hour battery life, these glasses ensure you’re equipped for any situation.

A Fresh Perspective: Where Style Meets Innovation

Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear, highlights this launch as a significant milestone, emphasizing that these glasses are not just about style but about setting new standards in the integration of fashion and function. The collection is designed to appeal to those who appreciate fine details and technological excellence, promising an unparalleled smartglasses experience.

The collection also offers prescription and custom lens options and accepts FSA/HSA. This makes it easy for anyone to integrate smart glasses into their life – as far as I can see, Geeks!

Retail: $229 USD Website: Lucyd.co

Source: PR Newswire 05.29.24

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