Happy Women’s History Month, Geeks! Navigating the world of wellness wearables can be daunting, but for women seeking innovative health solutions, the market is rich with options. Drawing from Tracxn’s insights, here’s a look at the top 10 wellness wearables for women startups of 2024, showcasing the blend of technology, health, and female empowerment.

  1. Elvie – Revolutionizing motherhood, Elvie offers a wearable breast pump that combines convenience with smart technology. It’s discreet, portable, and syncs with your smartphone to monitor milk volume in real-time. Elvie
  2. Ovia Health – A mobile app suite covering fertility, pregnancy, and parenting, Ovia Health empowers women and families with personalized insights and tracking capabilities for various stages of family planning. Oviahealth
  3. Inito – Making fertility tracking accessible, Inito offers a unique device that measures key fertility hormones in urine, syncing with an app to pinpoint ovulation days and optimize chances of conceiving. Inito
  4. Glow – A comprehensive fertility tracker, Glow uses data analytics to help women understand their menstrual cycle and fertility patterns, offering insights to either conceive or prevent pregnancy. Glow
  5. Vayyar – Pushing the boundaries of health tech, Vayyar’s 4D imaging sensors are used for early breast cancer detection and monitoring, showcasing the potential of non-invasive health monitoring. Vayyar
  6. Mira – Mira takes fertility monitoring to the next level with its smart device that analyzes hormone levels, providing precise fertility windows and personalized health insights. Mira
  7. Eli – Focused on reproductive health, Eli’s AI-powered devices offer daily hormone profiling from saliva samples, empowering women with detailed insights into their menstrual cycle, fertility, and menopause. Eli
  8. Oova – A fertility tracking platform that combines a smart device and app, Oova delivers precise, personalized fertility and ovulation tracking to support women’s reproductive health. Oova
  9. Bloomlife – Dedicated to maternal health, Bloomlife’s wearable sensor monitors contractions and maternal health parameters, providing valuable data to both expectant mothers and healthcare providers. Bloomlife
  10. Ava – Ava’s wearable fertility tracker goes beyond the basics, continuously monitoring vital body parameters overnight to predict ovulation and fertile windows with precision, while also tracking cycle health. Ava

These startups not only highlight the innovative strides in women’s health technology but also emphasize the growing focus on empowering women with tools to take charge of their wellness journey. Whether it’s fertility tracking, pregnancy monitoring, or health diagnostics, the fusion of technology and female-centric health needs is leading to groundbreaking solutions that promise a healthier future for all women everywhere!

Source: Tracxn