Follow Your Heart: The First FDA Smartphone Stethoscope

VIDEO: Watch our exclusive interview with Nadia Ivanova, Co-Founder of Stethoscope.

Geeks, with the summer heat in full swing, are you experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath or unusual fatigue? These could be weather-related, but they might also signal underlying heart issues. What if I told you there’s a super convenient way to know for sure? At the Collision conference in Toronto last week we spoke to Nadia Ivanova, the Co-Founder of Stethophone who recently launched Stethophone V3, an innovative AI-powered medical stethoscope that runs on your smartphone. While it isn’t a traditional wearable, it leverages your phone’s built-in microphone to capture heart sounds, effectively transforming your phone into a medical-grade diagnostic tool. This makes heart health monitoring accessible and convenient, empowering users to take control of their heart health at home and on the go.

How Does The Stethophone Work?

Stethophone is a revolutionary system that utilizes sophisticated bioacoustic engineering to capture and analyze heart sounds. By placing your phone on your chest, the app records the nuanced sounds of your heart and processes them using Sparrow’s proprietary AI. The AI filters these sounds to produce clear, medical-grade diagnostic signals, identifying common rhythmic and structural heart anomalies. This technology was inspired by a deeply personal story—the founder, having lost their son to a sudden heart failure, realized the crucial need for accessible heart monitoring. This tragedy motivated the development of Stethophone to ensure that no one else has to face such a loss due to lack of timely diagnosis. Now anyone can monitor their heart health, record symptoms as they occur, and share this data with healthcare professionals for timely and accurate diagnoses.

Benefits And Availability Of Stethophone

Stethophone is an absolute game-changer for cardiac health, boasting impressive stats: 96% of doctors found its medical informativeness equal to or better than leading stethoscopes, and it improves normal heart diagnosis accuracy by 300%. Currently available in Ukraine, it provides critical support for those without reliable access to healthcare. It’s FDA-approved, and the non-AI version is available now to download via the Apple Store in the US (the AI version still in the process). As Sparrow BioAcoustics continues to expand, we can anticipate an even broader availability, making this innovative tool become a staple in every Geek’s personal health management.


Source: Geek Of Chic® Interview, PR Newswire 06.20.24

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