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Hello Geeks! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, let’s dive into a recent find – the groundbreaking Mobile Style™ hands-free wearable breast pump from MomCozy, a product born from over 17,500 hours of dedicated research and development. MomCozy continues to champion maternal comfort and efficiency, making it a staple for tech-savvy moms on the go.

Innovative Design for Active Moms

Imagine pumping while enjoying brunch, shopping, or even during important meetings without anyone noticing. The Mobile Style™ wearable pump boasts a discreet, all-in-one design that fits snugly inside a bra, ensuring privacy and freedom simultaneously. Crafted with feedback from over 1,146 moms, this pump features an optimal rhythm technology that not only maximizes comfort but also enhances milk supply.

High-Performance Features for Modern Moms

Equipped with a powerful second-generation motor and a 1350mAh battery, the Mobile Style™ allows for all-day use on just a 2.5-hour charge, perfect for busy moms. The innovative DoubleFit™ Flange, made from food-grade liquid silicone, offers supreme comfort and safety, streamlining your routine and giving you more time to enjoy motherhood.

Check Out MomCozy’s Offers!

Right now MomCozy is offering a promotional 15% discount on their website using the code newin020 on select products. Plus, keep an eye out for their upcoming stylish nursing bras launching in early May.

Retail: $229.99USD Website:

Source: PRNewswire 04.18.24

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