Got The SKLZ?

Happy Monday Geeks! As the spring sports season kicks into high gear, athletes and fitness enthusiasts – including myself – are always looking for an edge to enhance their performance. Today SKLZ, the global leader in sports-specific training products launched a brand new wearable tech product that precisely and reliability tracks your speed, agility, and vertical jump! Whether you’re aiming to improve your athletic prowess or just keeping fit, this Hyper Speed wearable tech band paired with its user-friendly mobile app provides an unparalleled toolset.

What makes this Wearable Good?

Designed by the innovators at SKLZ, this sleek device replaces cumbersome equipment like timing gates and stopwatches, offering athletes a hassle-free way to monitor and elevate their capabilities. Michael Polk, CEO of Implus, describes the Hyper Speed as “a game-changer for youth athletes,” empowering them with immediate feedback and detailed analytics to track progress through the SKLZ proprietary app.

Easy Setup, Immediate Results

Getting started is a breeze! Just strap on the wristband sensor, set up your phone on the included tripod, and dive into your training. The app not only records your results but also offers instructional videos and varied drills to challenge and refine your skills. With compatibility across a range of SKLZ products, the Hyper Speed enables athletes to tailor their workouts to specific needs, making every practice session as efficient as possible. Not bad for keeping yourself on the right track!

Retail: $199 USD Website:

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Source: PRNewswire