Keeping A Finger On The Pulse: EY Health Pulse Survey Results

The results are in, Geeks! In case you didn’t know, the EY Health Pulse Survey is an annual study conducted by Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) to gauge the impact of digital health technologies on the health care industry. This year’s survey involved 56 health insurance executives from large organizations, shedding light on the latest trends and innovations. And it has delivered some fascinating insights into how digital health care tech is revolutionizing the industry.

Wearable Devices: A Game Changer for Everyday Health

The stats around wearable devices in particular, are truly impressive! Nearly 73% of health insurance executives agree that wearables have significantly improved health monitoring and member engagement. These devices are not just gadgets but essential tools for personalized health care. They allow for real-time health insights, early detection of potential health issues, and better management of chronic illnesses. Below are the reported findings:

  • Almost three in four health insurance executives (73%) say wearable medical devices have not only improved health monitoring but also significantly increased member engagement with their own health and wellness.
  • Two-thirds of health insurance executives (66%) indicate that wearable medical or consumer health tracking devices have played a part in making members’ health care experiences more personalized.
  • 68% of respondents say their contracted providers are investing more in remote monitoring and wearable types of devices.
  • Nearly 9 in 10 health insurance executives (89%) describe remote monitoring devices as effective in managing chronic illness, allowing for more personalized and proactive care plans.
  • 73% of health insurance executives indicate that wearable devices increase early detection and prevention of potential health issues in members.
Wear Your Health on Your Sleeve

For everyday consumers, this means having more control over their health, fewer trips to the doctor, and a proactive approach to wellness. The rise of wearables is a testament to how technology is making health care more accessible and efficient for all, Geeks!


Source: PR Newswire 06.17.24

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