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Happy Monday Geeks! Vuzix® Corporation, a pioneer in smart glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, just announced today that their Vuzix Shield™ smart safety glasses are now available for everyday consumers. Previously exclusive to a niche market of developers and researchers, these cutting-edge glasses are now available to the public, marking a significant milestone in wearable tech accessibility.

Smart Glasses for the Smart Consumer
Though not equipped to catch the solar eclipse today (sorry Geeks), the Vuzix Shield represents the pinnacle of prescription-ready AR smart safety glasses. Featuring advanced 3D optics powered by microLED displays, these glasses offer unparalleled image clarity, whether indoors or outdoors. Certified for safety and designed for comfort, the Vuzix Shield integrates stereo HD cameras, a Qualcomm processor, and voice input in 29 languages, setting a new standard for hands-free, heads-up digital interaction.

Transforming Professional and Personal Worlds
With functionalities ranging from AI-driven task management to real-time remote assistance, the Vuzix Shield is not just for the workplace. Its autofocus HD cameras, dual swipe/tap touchpads, and stereo speakers make it an all-encompassing device for anyone looking to enhance their daily life with technology. From medical professionals to first responders, logistics, and even the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, the impact of the Vuzix Shield is widespread and deeply felt.

Join the Wearable Tech Revolution
Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix, expressed excitement over the increased manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand for these innovative smart glasses. As the only wireless, prescription-ready smart glasses with advanced AR capabilities on the market, Vuzix Shield stands out as a testament to Vuzix’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what wearable tech can achieve.

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Retail: $2500 USD Website: Vuzix.com

Source: PRNewswire