New Leader Of The Band

VIDEO: At CES last month we interviewed Ariel Amar of Wearable Devices, LTD on the Mudra Band and how it works.

The future band leader of wearable technology is singing loud with Mudra, an innovative Apple Watch band accessory set to transform your interaction with the Apple ecosystem. This groundbreaking device offers a unique, gesture-controlled interface, enabling you to command your devices through simple hand movements. Equipped with state-of-the-art surface nerve conductance sensors, the Mudra Band captures and translates neural signals from your brain to your hand, providing an unprecedented level of control and convenience.

Born from the fusion of advanced EMG technology and intuitive design, the Mudra Band allows for seamless interaction with various Apple devices, including Apple TV and iPad. Its design is not just about functionality; it represents a shift back to the most natural form of interaction – using our hands. The Mudra Band is more than just an accessory; it’s a leap into a new era of interface interaction, offering a harmonious blend of technology and natural motion. Get ready to elevate your Apple Watch experience with Mudra Band – where innovation can now seamlessly integrate with daily life!

Retail Price: $349 USD, Website: