Safety Is The New Chic: Wearable Motorcycle Airbags

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Geeks, May is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and today Cycle Gear® and RevZilla®, top motorcycle parts and accessories retailers, are revving up with their Airbags Save initiative. Their goal? To champion rider safety with groundbreaking wearable motorcycle airbags. Motorcycle accidents are tragically common, but thanks to innovative safety gear like these wearable airbags, protection has evolved to match the thrill of the ride.

Why Wearable Airbags Matter

Wearable motorcycle airbags offer critical protection for your spine, ribs, and neck by reducing up to 93% of impact force. With smart AI technology, these airbags deploy in milliseconds, offering riders real-time protection! Research shows that once aware of this technology, 96% of people want their loved ones to use it. By making this tech accessible, families can now breathe easier knowing their riders have extra protection on the road.

Safety Is The New Chic

From sportbike enthusiasts to cruiser riders, their airbag technology caters to diverse riding preferences. These systems seamlessly integrate into gear, whether built into sleek vests or stylish jackets, providing reliable protection without compromising style or functionality. You can visit any of their 165 locations nationwide to learn more about their Airbags Save campaign and gear, and ensure your next ride is a safe one, Geeks!

Price: est. $600+ USD Website:

Source: PRNewswire 05.02.24

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