Tech Worlds Collide: Highlights From The Final Collision Conference

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Hey Geeks! The Collision 2024 conference we covered last week in Toronto saw an incredible 37,832 attendees from 117 countries, making it a truly global gathering. This last hurrah before Web Summit Vancouver takes over next May set records with 1,834 companies exhibiting, including major players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, and Dell. Notably, 45% of these startups were women-founded, showcasing the event’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

What Is The Collision Conference?

Collision is one of the world’s premier tech conferences, drawing a diverse crowd of tech enthusiasts, startups, and industry leaders. It’s renowned for being a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and networking opportunities. This year, it featured 570 speakers, 1,003 media representatives (including us Geeks), and 739 investors, all converging to discuss and shape the future of technology. The event is a beacon for emerging trends and groundbreaking tech from around the globe.

Highlighting Wearable Tech And Health Innovations

This year’s Collision conference was a hotspot for tech-based startups, with a notable focus on wearable technology and health innovations. Among the many innovations we found were non-traditional wearables such as a new phone-based app that transforms your smartphone into an electronic stethoscope, a new menstrual cup that doesn’t require boiling and a platform that connects individuals with holistic wellness practitioners – stay tuned for our video interview coverage of these in the coming days! One of the biggest highlights of the conference was the live session with Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI, captivating the audience with insights on AI’s future.

Benefits Of Attending Collision

For attendees, Collision offers an unparalleled opportunity to network, learn, and engage with the tech world’s brightest minds. The conference not only provides a platform to witness the latest innovations but also to participate in masterclasses, mentor sessions, and meet-ups. Looking ahead, the upcoming Web Summit Vancouver in 2025 promises even more exciting opportunities for tech enthusiasts. Stay tuned, Geeks, as the world of tech continues to evolve and inspire!

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Source: Collision Conference 06.18.24

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