TechDay Expo: Empowering NYC’s Startup Ecosystem

VIDEO: Watch our exclusive interview with the President of TechDay, Walter Charnizon, on TechDay’s opportunities and history.

Just this past Friday Geeks, NYC buzzed with excitement as TechDay held its largest event in the past five years. This annual expo brought together over 150 startups from 13 countries and 26 states, showcasing the latest in wearable technology and other innovative products. TechDay has always been a melting pot for startups and investors, fostering connections that drive the tech industry forward.

A Catalyst for Innovation

Reflecting on the event, Walter Charnizon, President of TechDay HQ, highlighted TechDay’s role in democratizing access to success. The expo not only connected startups with financial capital but also provided access to corporate leadership and mentorship. This inclusive approach ensured that diverse voices and ideas had the support needed to thrive.

Your Future at TechDay

For everyday Geeks with a passion for wearable technology, TechDay was a treasure trove of inspiration and opportunity. The event showcased that with the right idea and support, anyone could innovate and succeed. Whether you’re developing a new wearable device or another tech innovation, TechDay proved to be an invaluable resource for turning dreams into reality. Stay tuned next week as we showcase exclusive interviews of wearable tech innovators from NYTechDay 2024!

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