Wear Your Air

VIDEO: The founders of PUREPATH, on the air-purifying wearable, AIRiWEAR, and on how it works.

March is here, Geeks! As we embrace the arrival of spring, it’s time to turn our attention to the air we breathe. After all, with warmer weather on the horizon, ensuring top-notch air quality becomes a top priority for everyone. This past January I came across the innovative wearable, AIRiwear – a personal wearable air purifier. This easy-to-wear, neck-worn marvel combines cutting-edge UVC light technology with comfort, rechargeability, and hypoallergenic materials, creating a haven of pure air wherever life takes you.

Relief from Allergies and Airborne Diseases

Spring allergies can be relentless, but AIRiWEAR offers a solution. With its pathogen-killing UV-C light, it reduces microbes and contaminants inhaled by the user, providing relief from allergies and lowering the risk of infectious diseases like flu and Covid-19.

Combat Healthcare-acquired Infections (HAI)

Healthcare-acquired infections are a major concern, but AIRiWEAR can help. Its advanced sterilization system reduces the risk of airborne infections, making it invaluable for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Ideal for Various Customer Segments

From travelers to immunocompromised individuals, the elderly, and healthcare workers, AIRiWEAR caters to diverse customer segments. With over 5 million nurses and medical receptionists in the healthcare industry alone, AIRiWEAR offers essential protection without the inconvenience of traditional masks.

The future of personal air purification certainly has me breathing a sigh of relief!

Retail: $299 USD, Website: https://airiwear.com