Doing A Double Take

VIDEO: We spoke to the CTO of CELLID last month, to learn more about these revolutionary smart glasses.

Imagine transforming your computer screen from a flat 2D display into a vibrant 3D experience without the need for hands, accessible merely by opening your eyes. This vision edges closer to reality as AR glasses herald the advent of immersive technologies like smart contact lenses and brain-computer interfaces. CELLID, a pioneering Japanese startup, spearheads this technological revolution, aiming to seamlessly integrate the digital with the physical world.

Innovations That Set Them Apart

CELLID’s innovative AR and VR glasses epitomize the future of digital integration into our physical realm. Their technology promises to revolutionize hands-free navigation, interactive learning, and virtual meetings, enhancing reality to make daily life more efficient and engaging. Their glasses boast a 60-degree field of view and an ultra-light design of 11 to 12 grams. Their excellence extends to software solutions utilizing advanced computer vision for object detection and tracking, propelling rapid growth and expansion into markets in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US. CELLID aims to transform everyday experiences, improving accessibility and efficiency in translation, healthcare, and manufacturing through their AR and VR technology.

The Vision For A Connected Future

CELLID’s wearable technology was born out of a desire to innovate and compete on a global scale. Their comprehensive approach, combining both hardware and software, sets them apart in the tech world. CELLID is dedicated to leading this transformative journey. With their innovative AR/VR glasses and comprehensive software solutions, they’re poised to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible, making every interaction more enriching, efficient, and exciting. The future looks very bright indeed!