VIDEO: We approached Ian Landi, Chief Technology Officer at Ganance, at CES last month, to dive deep into the workings behind this technology.

Ever wished your cherished traditional watch could offer the smart features of today’s wearables? Ganance Heir makes this a reality! This innovative technology instantly transforms any watch into a smartwatch, merging timeless elegance with the convenience of modern health tech. With Ganance Heir, you don’t have to choose between the classic look of your favorite watch and the functionality of a smartwatch.

Seamless Health and Connectivity Integration

Ganance Heir offers the best of both worlds: the style of your beloved watches coupled with essential health tracking and smart notifications. This low-profile device, just 3mm thick and 30mm in diameter, fits discreetly behind most watches, adding activity tracking, call, text, and app notifications, plus music control, all without compromising your style. Sync your health data effortlessly with apps like Apple Health, keeping all your wellness metrics in one place.

Your Style, Enhanced and Connected

With Ganance Heir, your watch becomes more than a timepiece—it becomes a health and connectivity hub. This technology respects your privacy and data ownership, allowing you to stay on top of your health and communications while ensuring your personal information remains secure. Ganance offers a solution that blends the best of traditional aesthetics and smartwatch functionality, ensuring you never have to compromise on style or features again. So finally you can wear your watch your way, enhanced with the health and connectivity features you need to make it smart, stylish, and uniquely yours!

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